Maggi Hambling

Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them. - Constantin Brancusi


I stumbled upon an N+1 review of the film "Gavagai", and its summary intrigued me. Its premise is about the indeterminacy of language - and translations. The New Yorker review is stellar, too. Netflix doesn't offer it. No luck on downloading a torrent and no chance of seeing it in my lifetime.


“For him a story is born and dies between the first and last page.”

- Colin Farrell on Lanthimos’s hatred against character back-stories.

Make it go away

I dreamt that I was inside the grandest train station in Mexico, not unlike the subway at 42nd St. There are signs pointing to Canada and Vietnam. I haven't written in months. My chest is really heavy. There's a lot of uncertainty at the moment. I also just found out that Ned Vizzini committed suicide last 2013. Then I wrote yesterday: "It's that feeling I have when playing a game I thought isn't that perfect, like I could make a really minor adjustment at the start that would magically change how the gameplay goes, so I'd quit and start anew, except now I can't really quit and start over."


Just as I was alighting the bus, I found an old woman, well into her 80s, reading a book by James Patterson. I could only manage to see the chapter title - which I forgot.