Dirty sauce

I believe in the compound fracture
served with a sauce of dirty regret,

I believe in saying it all
and taking it all back

and saying it again for good measure
while the air fills up with I’m-Sorries
- from Personal by Tony Hoagland (via Poetry Foundation)


These days when I'm away from my family for business, I feel really sad. I think of those missed days when my son goes to school, or when my wife cooks really good meals. Some days, I'm busy, but at night I think of them. I call them. It's a small sacrifice when you put this beside my Mom's. I think of people who have suffered way, way more than me and thought: I should be thankful I'm still here. I should be thankful I have these opportunities.


Came across this blog while reading a Donald Barthelme interview (jackdaws were mentioned, and the built-in iOS dictionary didn't suffice). Wonderful explanation! I would love to sign up for a dictionary which could throw in anecdotes and lexical nuances and etymologies, all brilliantly and casually written.

My shoulder

Other than the occasional hunting trip or birthday, Sugrobov and Kolesnikov didn’t socialize much. But they were close, bound by the triumphs and anxieties of their work. Kolesnikov confided to Viktoria, “This is my second hand, my shoulder, this is a person whom I trust fully. God forbid, if something were to happen to me, this person won’t abandon you or the children.”
- from The Double Sting via New Yorker, such a thrilling read on widespread and systemic corruption in Russia


Eventually every photograph is a photograph of a dead person. The camera is an idling hearse. 

Patrick Pound