Untrust Us

Not verbatim, but my son told me, over dinner of sinampalukang manok: "I'm having a hard time trusting people these days because my classmates lied to me recently." He just had a taste of deception: he said his classmates nudged him to divulge the name of his crush. Little did he know, all of them - save for Tomas - would work against him, telling his crush about it. Crush was, pardon my pun, crushed about the news, and the girl isn't talking to him anymore. This was the reason my son looked so pale and aghast last Friday, my wife said. "Isn't he cute!" I told him I had a similar experience, when my best friend and I decided to exchange the names of our crushes with each other, in confidence. The prick was a liar, I later realized: he made me do it because we're fawning over the same girl.

Many instants

Borges: “Although a man’s life is compounded of thousands and thousands of moments and days, those many instants, and those many days may be reduced to a single one, the moment when a man knows who he is, when he sees himself face to face.”
from Affirmations, or An HIV Rhapsody by Carlo Pacolor Garcia


These brief columns at the New Yorker (under “Talk of the Town”) can be easily dismissed as think pieces or biographies in its infancy, never fully realized. I myself usually skip them. But some of them shine - like this bit by Nick Paumgarten. Without the brevity (part of the column’s requirement?) this would be sappy and overwrought, but with much grafting and omission it stands out the way stories from friends shine when shared within constrained environments (quick meeting over drinks, chance meet-ups).

Just like in the movies

I wasn't able to write this down but I couldn't shake it off my mind: Months ago I went out with a blogger friend, J, to El Chupacabra for beer and tacos. Then he said he has this friend who's out of the country and who shares his condo with his girlfriend, M. We crashed and smoked cigarettes at the veranda. We had fun telling stories to each other. I didn't have a lot of sleep.


Bird Woman, Sarah Charlesworth
Unidentified Man, Otani Hotel, Los Angeles, Sarah Charlesworth