It is like this: I bought peanuts, the kind with the shells on, everything else was salted for chrissake. I bought it in the mall for PHP16.50, not bad, I told myself. I bought two packets. When I got home I had to unshell it or whatever, and sadly the first one has this hole from a burn or something, and it was hollow, so that when I pressed the peanut against the knife (or was it that time my father intervened and said, “you just crush it with your fingers--the thumb and the fore-”) it really is hollow. I wished I hadn’t crushed it but I did. I had thrown it instantly, which made me doubly sad, because not only couldn’t I take back its form--I even threw it in the garbage. This is one of the few things I had to write today, because it’s poignant, an empty shell (either in the process, or probably from nut insects--I’ve seen two little insects from another shell I crushed with a deformed nut) is one in a million, and how would you show it to anyone else? It’s personal, yet no one would believe me; they’d say, “pics or not true”.