Ah, when you think of other people who's been encircling grammatical errors in The New York Times; or who's been studying computer codes for ten years to master hacking--whatever your definition of hacking is; or who's been gathering too much junk from yesterday, or from the other day, that excessive effort to just write down each and every day; or who's been saving each and every peso for something really expensive, a trip to somewhere temperate; or who's been fastidious in taking care of orchids, or flowers in general, every morning, drinking a cup of tea: it would really be a shame to admit I think they are fools, but fools, the good ones, the ones who have been clasping their fists too long, the ones who would tell you to just don't think about it, do your French homework instead, or something as wild as can you actually fry an egg on a sidewalk (and who would even describe to you how sidewalks are in Manila, how they don't really hiss, but they boil the passersby).