I couldn't describe the feeling of having a common cold, but it feels way better (but for some reason it can still be comparable) than that of a diving bell (or the locked-in syndrome; click the link--it's a good film). It's probably the head, really, which feels like it drowned a few days ago. The nose is invariably functioning and malfunctioning. Plus the increased activity of the tear ducts, most especially during a sneeze.

(Microscopically, a common cold looks just like a cross-section of a tomato. Not good with itlog na pula, but still worth staring at.)

Weird, really, that I felt euphoric in the bathroom just this morning (around 6:20AM), since the feeling (of having a common cold) felt very much like High School. If in College I usually have a common cold during windy days (what, with the amount of pollen here in Los Banos), in High School I used to have an asthma every October, the pollen from the mango tree by the window, and my room being air-conditioned (which sucks, since I do have an allergy to air-conditioned rooms).

Also, I still am tentative whether to declare myself having a photic sneeze reflex.

So I liken this morning to that morning, some six years ago, when I would wake up with a cold and rush to eat my bland (this is debatable especially with the usual common cold) breakfast--always the -silog meals--and take a bath and get dressed and attend the class sneezing every now and then.

I wouldn't wonder if I die of a really lame respiratory disease. I had stopped smoking a few weeks ago, and I knew it would take its toll sometime in the future. (Hopefully fifty more years? or had I smoked it all away?)