Sense and Sensation

  1. What the Internet does is to fulfill your desire in a minute. Then it takes it back.
  2. I was searching for my dream Leica camera, and I notice how frenzied I am in searching the pictures it captured.
  3. I was also chatting with a former professor.
  4. To think that it's a Sunday night and thirty minutes later, I'll be seeing two friends to have beer and hamburger.
  5. Depth is elusive nowadays, considering what we're seeing lately. The depth we've been used to is the distance our eyes travel whenever we surf the internet, or watch the television.
  6. Our generation is born to stare at things, or to look at a fixed point to see different things.
  7. It will always be about sensationalizing the senses, feeding it various stimuli. It excited us back then, but now we've reached the threshold.
  8. The point is that the Internet is grooming us to be something inhumane.