Tomorrow is a finished novel

This is by far the most excruciating back pain I have ever experienced.

Imagine tomorrow.

Right now I'm having a sore throat, a build-up of phlegm (you'll just know), and back pain. Self-massaging is futile. Whoever said nothing beats a good read, I've yet to tell you, a back pain wouldn't put your mind to rest. Even if you're in the middle of Salinger's Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters, you can never tell.

No creative lemonades today. No such thing as eureka for a man with excruciating back pains. "Oh it's a dirty old shame when all you get from love is a love song." What I get from this excruciating back pain is reiterating the pain, typing it away. I couldn't think of anything else but the back pain. Tonight's motif: an excruciating back pain!

I played Diablo II: LOD and I didn't feel any giddy about hearing Kashya or Charsi's voice, or the mere fact that the Amazon had the largest boobies ever (that if it were a pool I'd gladly dive... in? into? the most excruciating part of writing is the prepositions, add to that an excruciating back pain). I could only feel the throbbing part of my back. It feels like a baker's rolling pin.

The kneading. Ugh.

I have lots of things to do but for the life of me, I could only think about my excruciating back pain.