Catcher in the Rye, page 4

I want to make a website about something I really like, and that would mean great, and I'd probably stick to it for a long time, and then I'd put some ads on it to get some money out of it, just in case people would like it, though the trick is to not put the ads for a couple of months, then when you hit something big as an iceberg you put a sidebar with ads on it.

Then I would be in my bedroom earning money while reading a book.

I've been very impatient about it. Sometimes, whenever I wake up I would think of making a website out of some stuff that's really inventive or whatever, but later on I tell myself it would get in the way of my graduating college. But still I'll make a layout and imagine this thing and that, all those kinds of wishful thinking.

On some days I really want to just get away from college for a couple of months, but I couldn't--for the life of me, I couldn't bear to think of my parents thinking about what a wreck this kid has become. It's not because I think of the CEO-who-quit-college stereotype. But partly, of course, and most especially if the library has so much to offer than my classes.

After ten years I would sign up as a Buddhist, if ever Buddhism would think about getting online.