The I'm-not-in-the-mood-to-write writing prompt

Whenever I read blogs I would have this urge to blog something, but with my current state (a college student in his fifth year in college, taking a four-year course) I just don't know what to do next. I've quit smoking for a week and I'm having a goddamn relapse, not that I get seizures or anything, but I am just having an appetite for a really good cigarette. Too much clean air, I guess.

I couldn't pepper this blog with the likes of my current browser tabs, but for the sake of writing something, here:

1. History and the Politics of Nostalgia, which I have yet to read and understand
2. This Earthly Tent - The Philippine Free Press (by Paul S. De Guzman)--I challenge myself to finish reading a short story, since I haven't read anything lately, aside from John Ashbery's Flow Chart, which is the longest poem I've ever encountered, so far.
3. Scotch & Soda is something I came across from Monocle's Weekly; I've yet to absorb the website's layout (which would mean staring at it for three weeks)
4. Adobe InDesign Tutorials, which I still haven't read yet, and is badly needed for my art director-slash-layout stint for a magazine class.
5. Callos a la Madrilena. I'm thinking of cooking this at home, next weekend.
6. Fried Chicken a la David Chang is a recipe too tempting to forget.
7. A certain French actor's name results on Twitter, because I'm such a fan (and I rarely admit this to anyone--I was never a fan of anybody, besides J.D. Salinger).
8. That certain French actor has just published his first book.
9. And of course, this blog.

There. It's almost five. I think I should sleep.