Ideas at 1:04 AM

It is such a struggle to concentrate on a single work lately. I tried apps like Think and Anxiety and they both didn't work, simply because distraction is still just a click away. I guess the idea behind this mild suppression is lame: it's like putting the bait right under our noses.

1. Why not create an app with a password from a friend, or parent. Upon choosing the sole program you ought to take time into (like writing something for a thesis), the only thing you can do is to use that program--no more, no less. Last week I was at Jolibee and thought of the system they have in canceling orders: the cashier calls the boss to swipe his card.

The big problem is when the parent/friend forgets the password. Which can be the case, especially if you were calling them every now and then for some Facebook break.

2. An app for time management (I've seen one but it isn't for free). Every morning the laptop alarms at a specific time to ask you the tasks of the day.

Computers should not only flash warning signs. Humans have adapted to it. Delete a file, then enter twice, and it's done. We all know the are-you-sure question. If computers can threaten us by deleting a random file or by playing Kazakh music because of time mismanagement, life would be so much zen.

P.S: Good lord, iPhone 4S is unbelievable with its Siri app. Tailor-fitted for us who are not really fan of texting on touchscreen phones. (To tap is to occupy at least two letters, which can be nasty most of the time.)