1. I found our stray cat dead last Saturday. Its stomach was ripped apart by dachshunds owned by Korean neighbors. I am one with those who believe that cats and dogs can cohabit.

2. I reread J.D. Salinger's Teddy from Nine Stories, and it said something about death being natural (because of an assumption that reincarnation is not only true, but natural, since things just don't stay where they are).

3. Teddy is the last story. Salinger, or his publisher, is fond of wasting no paper for any fly leaf or NOTES section. This tidbit revived my old demons: the fact that there is no page left... is simply poignant, especially when (spoiler alert) in the story, at the last page, the child dived in an empty swimming pool.

4. There is nothing but the empty back cover to deal with the loss of a child named Teddy.

5. The back cover is composed of an absence in the color of cream and textured by shelves.

6. The back cover tries very hard not to express anything at all.

7. I found a dog barking at the site of the cat's corpse (which I buried on a vacant lot), three nights later.

8. The cat has nine lives, I guess.