730AM: Two heaps of Monster Muesli's Hi-Fiber thing with soya milk, because I want to lose weight. I've had four brands of Muesli in my life, at least here in the Philippines: Simply Cereal's All Swiss was my first; Lowan, my second, was taken out of the shelves of Trinoma last September, since they realized I was the only one buying (they gave me a buy-one take-one deal, though); Carman's; and this time, Monster Muesli.

I really have this craving for something to chew every time--and I'm not talking about gums. I'm talking about a good deal of jaw exercise.

830AM: Smoked a cigarette out of the cold.

10AM: I bought a bottle of mineral water and a revel bar for a quiz. Didn't really help a lot.

1130AM: I ate a single banana.

1230PM: I ate adobo and anchovies-stuffed olives in egg with rice. Side dish: kimchi and grated carrot-and-radish in nuoc mam.

1243PM: I ate another banana.

5PM: Fried chicken from Cadapan's, gravy, munggo, a cup of rice.

749PM: Silindro Ribs from Faustina's, corn and carrots, a cup of rice.