Batanes Plans

For years I've been trying to swerve from my father's fate in budgeting. It runs in the blood--my eldest sister is known for her shopping sprees, that gastadora in her every time her payroll arrives. The three of us are lousy budgeters, a habit inculcated by materialistic one-time big-time purchases. I usually buy shirts and food and books from Powerbooks (the last book I bought was Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close--then I convinced myself, after the Ondoy incident which left my Powercard tampered, that Booksale is so much better), but now I end up buying brewed coffee at the nearby Cafe La Bonne Vie.

It would be an achievement since I've never saved something so long--saved money would only last for two weeks in my pocket. This semester I'm trying to stay away from expensive restaurants and instead, save up for a trip to Batanes this coming January.

I believe Batanes is a place worth saving up, probably because of cold water and the Scottish countryside feel. Cliffs and islands. The greenery. The solitude even Vigan couldn't provide.