The Delayed Christmas Post

Before anything else: I found this in my drafts! It's a really belated post (December 28), but I'd share them just because.


A summary of a beautiful line from what I read from a short story from Zyzzyva: that feathers are beautiful, that when you spread them like a fan, it's like seeing all the sunrises in the world.[1]

I do have my version and it's not really about feathers. I don't have any interest in ornithology, though I really think the opening lines of the story was superb.

This one, though, is about flavors. I was doing the typical experiment in the kitchen, spiffing up meals with awkward sauces. I made these and it was quite an explosion, a sunrise of sorts. Of course, Christmas is all about sharing.


3 bratwursts (or veal sausages)
Indian mixed pickle
Thai satay sauce
Korean kimchi
White rice

The really tricky stuff is where to buy these in the Philippines. Santi's makes a good bunch of sausages (with strict expiration dates, so mind them), and Trinoma (and I guess other Ayala malls) has a delicatessen worth mentioning.

The Indian mixed pickle costs Php90 in an Indian store in Magallanes. The store name: Incredible India! They really have a lot of legit sauces and Indian stuff, and I'm really into their flavors lately. They sell fenugreek leaves and cardamom and masala.

Both Thai Satay sauce and Korean kimchi are easy to find.

1. Grill those bratwursts for a few minutes.
2. After slicing the bratwursts, in a toothpick, or on a spoon, pile all the ingredients in this fashion, for the desired explosion: rice first, as the base; then, the kimchi; the sausage; the satay sauce; and the mixed pickle.
3. Yummy. Like a war going on inside the mouth.


Edam cheese (or Queso de Bola)
Port wine

1. Just munch all these and do your own thing. The three others are the essentials on enjoying a port, but you can experiment and try biscuits, too, or anything sweet. Port wine is really sweet and strong, by the way.

1. I don't have the book with me, and I'm in this computer shop renting a unit for 40Php/hour. Unbelievable. I shall credit the writer and will write the quote in verbatim as soon as I get back to my college apartment with hacked Wi-Fi!