I walked my way from my cluttered apartment, and found a hill. It wasn't that steep to discourage anyone. It was dark. The only thing I had was a flashlight and a roll of tissue, just in case I sneeze. After some time I reached the summit and there I catch my breath on a rock good enough to sit on and smell the distance between this hill to that neighborhood: no barbecue, no jeepney fumes, no cigarette smoke or cheap perfumes at midnight. Only the breeze. There were a few stars but it's alright. I looked up for a couple of minutes until my eyes grow tired of the darkness, of asking myself if the star I was staring at was changing its colors, or was it shining, was it an airplane, or a lone signal from those radio towers? I heard the slam of vehicle from the distance, probably a pick-up truck, for there were four doors, but right after that I fell asleep. I didn't hear of anything resembling a massacre.