A shot of espresso

1. There's that lucrative option of throwing everything away when it's about to be completed, just because you're against with its completion, or you're just not comfortable with its finality. It's probably a form of separation anxiety.

2. I had a deal with myself. If nothing happens in the span of five months, I guess it's high time to jettison the entire plan. This deal expires on the 1st of April.

3. Maybe it's really not a good idea to exert so much effort on a paper when you don't really get what you deserve. I'm not talking about grades. I'm talking about respect from professors. I may be one of the stupid students, but I'm trying to do my best. I just don't excel that much, alright. There were probably rumors about my drug dependency (which is so untrue, since I came out clean last October, or September, though I partially agree with those accusations, I just want to get things done without any further arguments, thankyouverymuch) or my being someone who can really make a difference but who didn't, because of drugs, or stupidity. Unbelievable.