Long way

One of David Lynch's sketches; can be found here.

In the jeepney, with others: four Korean exchange students, two construction workers, three sexagenarian professors, a student, another construction worker, and the driver in front. One of the Korean girls, around eighteen years old, pony-tailed, tried imitating Tagalog words upon her hearing it, and the two construction workers did their best in instructing: Ba-yad po.

Then: sa-la-mat po.

We found ourselves laughing about finding ourselves in the situation, as if we were on our way to one of those field trips expecting a picnic, like that I had in Museong Pambata or Nayong Pilipino (I even remember my Mother had fried tapa for me for lunch in a green Tupperware, the oil awash on all sides, and sat near the fake Mayon Volcano). 

Now that tupperware I shall frame and put in a museum, suppose that it doesn't have molds or anything bacterial yet.