Reader #2

Jeep bound to UPLB. Sky-blue collared shirt, shorts. It was raining. The man looked like in his thirties. He was reading Luke Short's The Feud at Single Shot. It looked very much like my copy of Salinger--from the browning down to the typeface. The rain surprised everybody, even the driver, who forgot to bring his trapal, so the rain came inside the jeep in strong gusts. A woman besides him opened her umbrella inside the jeep in desperation. The two of them were in a dubious relationship, probably with their conversation:

Man: "Why did you open the umbrella?"
Woman: "It's the cool thing to do."
Man: "You're funny--"
Woman: "We shouldn't have paid our fare. We're already wet."

Later, the driver apologized by saying he just really forgot the trapal, that's all. 

"No matter--it always rains, these days," I said, my voice straining for the driver to hear, amidst the rain.