Results and discussion


Many times, I try to make a new post in this blog, but fail. There are days when the story or the vignette gets delivered in the morning, a package waiting at my doorstep, despite the fact that we don't count on our doorsteps.


1. To come across the great Inspiration while playing on iTunes the Destiny's Child album, "Survivor";
2. To drop hints as to what the creative process is, or the lack of it; and
3. To get acquainted with boredom besides scanning wooden veneers in a class.


My mother e-mailed. She said I should stay away from cigarettes and beer, which I've been doing for a couple of months. She also said she sees my arrival three months from now a "threat", especially in her credit cards.

My sister doesn't reply to e-mails regarding a new camera from Fujifilm I've been eyeing. It doesn't have any price yet and, according to a source, will be distributed this coming February.

A story I wrote got published just this Sunday, here. I'm hoping my father wouldn't know anything about it. The night before it was published, I was thinking of slaving my life away on an office, making layouts for a magazine on fashion or art.

I am constantly gaining fat, and it's worrying me.