Just this morning, after finishing a packet of warm oatmeal, I locked the door and made the necessary checks before leaving: wallet on the right pocket, cellphone on the left, the weight of a bracelet on the right wrist, etc. I came across a neighbor who happened to be standing by the gate, thinking. She looked like she's been waiting for a meteor the night before. When I asked her, she said she was thinking of whether she'll be wearing a jacket or not. It wasn't a beautiful day. It was grim, and by the looks of it, the drizzle might be rain at lunchtime.

At the tricycle, when she had finally decided not to take her jacket, we had a conversation about the weather, how it has been for the past few weeks, how difficult it was to attend morning classes. We were madly in love with the idea of having a sunny day, because at least we wouldn't spend so much time thinking on wearing jackets.

It rained the entire day today. Looking back I imagine a lot of people near their windowsills, or blocking the driveways of their garage, thinking of what to wear, or will it rain this afternoon? It is a fine picture to paint, I think, just a bunch of people thinking of the weather and what's next.