Faraway places

I don't know why but dreams are worth writing down especially if they're charming enough to remember. This is arranged chronologically, and is quoted from a Pages file on my laptop. Names are omitted.

1. I dreamt I had shrooms. I installed an Internet connection in a very unfamiliar place, no resemblance to any apartment whatsoever. It was huge, there was a queue for food, it was probably a buffet. There were lots of [name of org] members I didn’t even know. It was all hazy. The shrooms triggered a lot of morphing stuff in my head. Like turtles with wings or something. All animals, changing. I remember [a High School classmate] playing Nintendo, lying on his chest, on a bed.

2. I dreamt of fixing a family, one including a she-male and another was Ate Starlett [an in-group humor]. Funny. I have to fix their family.

3. The dream I had two days ago was: I was in London. It was beautiful, and raining. It had cobblestone streets and a Chinese haute couture shop. They were racist, I thought, and they were very much addicted to this certain TV show that televisions were affixed to their streetlights.

4. A while ago I dreamt of being a communist, and then forgot everything else. They were poignant and vivid and Cuban in many ways. They felt very Caribbean.

5. I dreamt that I was in Germany, and this felt like my European (dream) trip months ago (when I went to London and Paris respectively, if I’m not mistaken). This time I befriended a foreigner. I told this old hag that it was one of my achievements to meet someone from a different nationality. Then she spoke in Tagalog.

6. I dreamt that I have this tail and it was stitched together with my testicles and my stomach. They were in a knot, all three of them.

7. I had a bangungot about [Name of three people that are very much unrelated: two are from High School, the other a professor in Grammar]. The four of us were finding something in this warehouse of some sort. An old house, probably. In any case there was a manhole and I told them I’ll be waiting for them. It’s the kind of a metal ladder with noisy rungs from Resident Evil. Anyway, I was waiting for them when I asked one of them, Albert, from above, “how are things going?” I can see their heads. They were scanning the place. Albert said, “well, it seems like the place is bigger than we’ve ever thought.” Then there were two handkerchiefs floating and I had this broom and I don’t know if I can defend myself against seemingly harmless things. There are words in the handkerchief, and it’s “emo” and “mother” or “Maria”. Then I shuddered from sleep.

8. I dreamt of eating a baby’s organs just because Jigsaw ordered me to. The heart was the last one I ate, and the membrane glimmered. It looked like plastic to me, and chewy like cartilage. Then I was in this condominium: at the first floor, an auditorium with a fraternity; at the fourth, hospital staff speaking in French.

9. I dreamt of being in a high place in a city after having walked a dozen footbridges which led me to this high place with a slide and at its end were garbage and slums. For the first time I recognized the time of the day in the dream, and it was night.

10. I dreamt of an earthquake happening, and two days ago, of eating in a restaurant called Amish, right in the heart of France.

11. I dreamt of chasing polar bears in the subdivision. There were five of them, each with different hues. I get to chase them from a pond, from the oval park outside the duplex. I even get to squeeze them and sleep with them on the bed.