Third-world wasteland

I badly want Robert Ginsberg's Aesthetics of Ruins for the genetic criticism regarding my thesis. (Not to be confused with Allen Ginsberg, the poet from the 1960s).

Sadly, it costs a fortune.

I understand that these kinds of books have to be expensive, but it impedes the growth of students from the third-world. I write this post with bitterness on the kind of system in which the world operates. It's tempting to say that with a price like that, it must have bordered on esotericism (but in my heart I know it isn't).

Even worse is the fact that the preview from Google Books deliberately omits two to three pages every now and then, the intervals of which I have no patience to know. How consistent is this attempt on copyright laws with the topic at hand. It makes me wonder what the concept of ruins has to do with the deliberate erasure or fragmentation of texts and information the first-world relays to the third-world.