Tiny Furniture, Jobs

There are two good scenes in Lena Durham's Tiny Furniture: the sex-inside-a-pipeline-of-some-sort (an O-shaped thing) and the deflating mattress, ("It's defective. It's devastating," said the boy Aura--the protagonist--was dating) a pseudo-comic relief for Aura since everything in the film is falling apart (literally, with the deflating mattress).

The reason behind my watching the film is the plot: a recent college graduate from Ohio finds herself in her mother's loft in the oh-so-chic Tribeca, New York. (Or SoHo, or Chelsea.)

I've just graduated. I might be "having a very, very hard time", but it's the kind of reasoning teenagers do when confronted with weight gain, sweat stains or with the first-world concept of excessive late-night popcorn--and it's not that impressive. It's even overrated.

In the film, the protagonist are haunted by issues on having a job, on meddling with people. Then that craving for silence and that indulgence with the lack of routine (which I can totally relate to). Of course we find Aura dealing with some first-world predicaments like the tug between teenage life and adulthood, sex, and a flat shared with a roommate. It's a good film for career orientations or job fairs, but it's not altogether a good film to watch. In my case, maybe it's just timely--as a recent graduate, as someone who's getting a lot of sleep and a lot of time to peruse some books every now and then.

The film seemed lackluster. I always roll my eyes with independent films lately, since they're having so many similarities, much of which are money shots in the indie sense of the word, if you get what I mean (watch Unmade BedsCashback and Control--you'll get what I mean). The two good scenes are ingenious, even inventive--but the rest is recycled farce from other independent films: the minimalist house (!!!), the obligatory reference to Nietzsche. Also, the characters themselves--the chef who reads books; the Youtube sensation with the life of a lounger; the pot-smoking British-accent childhood friend; the hamster named Gilda.

I'm in my friend's condo unit in Kamuning. We had Mojitos and a joint, so everything from No Other Woman to Sealab 2021 was funny. It's around 4AM when I started this post. I will be cleaning the apartment a la Chungking Express. Later, at the bus, I will have guessed that this time of my life isn't really about having a very, very hard time. This will have been shot with the flaring effect the morning sun does on a camera lens. (A favor: is using the future perfect tense here correct?)

I'll be on a flight to New York this coming April 23, two weeks from now, and I'm excited to live with my Mom and my sisters for the summer. Hopefully the idea of moving tiny furniture would stick to me as trying to regain some sort of consciousness, or an epiphany as to what career I will be taking. Like playing with a tangram, yes.