This is news

  1. My father and I are trying so hard to get a WiFi subscription. It might take two weeks max, but to my readers out there, this would mean more updates (and distractions from making those updates) in this blog. After six years! An Internet subscription is almost unthinkable in our house.
  2. Work is lenient. The setting: four of us in our own cubicles. Then we hunt employees with lucrative job offers. There's a 10-11PM online meeting, and that's it. The boss doesn't care that much. There's a camera looming overhead, though, and the green light blinks every now and then when we're being checked. I'll probably stay in this job for a year or something, provided that my health and well-being is still attuned to the world. (I mean, I sleep at 7AM!)
  3. On a lighter note: a poem and a short story I've written will be published this year in the UP Writers' Apprentice Folio. 
  4. It's funny how I've been rummaging over this suitcase of family-related files for my birth certificate, as required by my job, and I couldn't find it. Here's the catch: my last memory of it was in third grade, and I kept it in this blue pencil case I use at school, so it's probably... somewhere.
  5. I'm working on a book review of Frederick Barthelme's Law of Averages. Not really looking forward for a smart essay, but hopefully I'll be knocking down key points. Here's to hoping I can publish it here within the week!