Ancestral house

There was this video recorded during the '90s and it was near the ancestral house at Pulong Buhangin. It featured my sisters as kids and they were having this rough boxing match of some sort. All of my relatives were watching. I was there, too, and thought of it as ridiculous seeing my sisters fight in their nine-year-old selves, since I've never seen them as younger, thanks to the twenty-year-old gap we've always had.

There was also this scene where I was crying in our red Volkswagen (coloquially called as Kotseng Kuba or the hunchback car) while we were driving through the roads to the ancestral house, complete with the rice paddies and the forked roads.

After these scenes was a comic, although disjunct, ending: I found myself in a food competition eating kimchi and sushi with Anthony Bourdain and other people. It disappointed me since I was looking forward for never-heard-of cuisines like Magyar or Nubian.