Shut eye

I woke up at 3PM and knew I had to deactivate my Facebook account. I realized it's been taking much of my routine. So I brought the Martin Amis novel I've been reading last night, Night Train, and for about two hours on the sofa downstairs, slouching and eating peanut butter and jam on bread. Then I made some spinach salad, and fried some ham for dinner. My body is aching for some biking around the village but it rained around 5PM so I relaxed a bit and stretched my legs on my father's rocking chair and I sat there for twenty minutes, thinking. I've been gardening these past few weeks, by the way, and I've been doing some composting, taking care of my rambutan and tomato saplings. (My onion sapling died last Monday.) I fed the stray cat and her young with leftover fried fish. Then I saw this really huge dragonfly (as big as the palm of a six year-old), and I took pictures of it. Now I'm noticing that I'm calm and not willing to talk that much, to the point that maybe my colleagues are wondering why I'm not that lively today, but really, I've never been so much calm in my life.