1. This essay explains why I've been aching to write a blog post in the middle of doing my paperwork.
  2. It's old news, eh? There really is a patron saint of the Internet.
  3. Regarding the avant-gardeMalthaler’s play seemed representative of a general error, a general terrible confusion between empty “experimental” norms and truly experimental – in the sense of ethically and spiritually and aesthetically radical – works of art. And the distressing proof that audiences are increasingly unable to distinguish between the two lay in the fact that, at the curtain’s fall, those same audience members near to me who had slept for at least 40 to 50 minutes of the play, who had yawned, who had consulted their text messages etc... a certain number of these audience members stood to their feet at the close of +-0, and applauded rapturously. And some of them, masochistic to the end, began, with an expression of weird grotesque ecstasy on their faces, to repeatedly scream "BRAVO! BRAVO!"
  4. I wish I could make a blog with posts worth reading.