Things I wished I bought

I'll start this thread in this blog about the things I wished I bought. It's would probably be about books, but a while ago I was at Daiso and was really head-over-heels over this magazine rack for Php88 (!!!) but I didn't take pictures of it.

My girlfriend has been vigilant about my addiction with books and Booksale, trying to limit my purchases these past few months, which is fine with me. I'm a cheapskate with everything: I'd rather walk a mile than pay sixty pesos for a taxi ride--and this rings true every workday. But good food and books are the only vices I have, and I don't think I shouldn't spend my salary on these when they're fairly reasonable to spend on.

I was in SM Muntinlupa to ship a couple of files through LBC when, lo and behold, Booksale sits just besides LBC, practically begging for attention. Almost always I find these Booksale outlets magnetic, and though I tried my best to think about budgeting and the fact that about five minutes ago, near the mall entrance was this Michael Chabon essay collection Manhood for Amateurs, which I had bought for Php99, I made a beeline and went for that feeling I always get in Booksale, which feels like the rush of energy (or clarity, or sedation) after an hour of jogging, only ten times better.

I told myself to make a quick look around the outlet, do the skim-and-leave, but I stumbled upon really good books! My initial "cart" was around twelve good books, but after much discussion with myself I was able to make a decision to buy all the nonfiction books (since these nonfiction books look rare): James Gleick's Chaos, Stephen Gardiner's Evolution of the House, and an anthology, Contact 8, The San Francisco Collection of New Writing, Art and Ideas. All of these cost me Php175.

I walked out of the Booksale outlet thinking not about the books I bought, but the books I didn't. I mean, my Dad would love that Mailer--as with all novels about the Vietnam War, snipers, backpacking--and, well, probably the Lopez as well (Arctic Dreams is a recipient of a National Book Award, if I'm not mistaken). And that John McPhee essay collection about branding, among other things, is probably a gem. On top of it all is that Adam Zagajewski's essay collection for Php50! I mean, I've seen three copies in SM Marilao for Php175!