Red Stripe Kitchen - Martha Rosler
Crash 2 - Daniel Evans
Kacper and Anna - William Sasner
The Ninth Hour - Maurizio Cattelan
The Virgin - Gustav Klimt
  1. Divisoria was in its full-steam November glory, as it was packed yesterday and for the first time I felt sick in the middle of a crowd. This was my first time to go to the place, and it wasn't the Divisoria I was expecting yesterday: the Lucky Chinatown mall feels like Singapore in the middle of Manila. The prices weren't that cheap (though their curtains only cost 150 pesos, but I'm shamelessly thrifty to say I didn't buy it): the only thing I bought--after eight hours of haggling stalls to find my girlfriend a really nice pair of formal shoes--is a t-shirt with a younger Keith Richards sitting clumsily, posing with his amplifier. 
  2. I ate breakfast and lunch at the food court in 168 Mall, and there's this really good stall with an entire array of good Chinese cuisine: salted spareribs, noodles, and their good old milk tea. I almost forgot my disdain with MSG especially with their stir-fried Chinese sausage with celery! Two viands with rice for 70 pesos is unforgettable. I swear to go back before the year ends. 
  3. I've been very understanding with my girlfriend when it comes to ukay-ukay. Suffice to say that I help her all the time in separating the wheat from the chaff, and I feel congratulated whenever she thinks that what I picked for her looks nice and expensive. But my ukay history is just down to two articles of clothing: the Keith Richards shirt and a gray Gap sweater I bought in Los Banos earlier this year for 70 pesos, and after washing it with a pack of detergent it looked really expensive. Isn't that the only thing people want from ukay: to look expensive without paying the price?
  4. Many, many thanks to my girlfriend who identified the decor inside a Divisoria stall as a Klimt painting entitled The Virgin. She didn't know the title at first, and it took me ten minutes to search for the titles since Klimt's paintings have this motif of swirls and colors and mosaic-like patterns, it's almost Google-proof.