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  1. Films are a thing of my college years. I couldn't stand them these days. It makes me wonder how I've manage to spend an hour in staring at a screen. Maybe this is work and career altogether. I am easily bored with films these days--the last film I've watched was The Life Aquatic and it just bored me.
  2. I have tons of drafts I haven't posted. There's a book review for Night Train by Martin Amis. I also have important life-changing stuff to disclose here, though I'm waiting for the right timing. Aside from that I've been cooking every Sunday with my girlfriend some lovely dishes like roasted honey mustard chicken and spinach salad and Indian meatballs. More of these later on.
  3. My Macbook Pro is having its own problems. It won't boot even after two hours of waiting, and I'm still waiting for the right time (again, timing is everything) to ask Dad to sponsor its trip to Applecare, though my friends at Facebook have told me to try other alternative (read: not that authorized) repair stores in QC, Greenhills, Pasig.
  4. Oh, and I'm reading self-help entrepreneurial books! All the success stories in the world in one sweep of an eye.