The year of wondrous thinking

I've found a way to justify my fatigue with the Holmes-Rahe scale. You take the test by clicking check boxes and the website calculates your stress level. The pop-up answer feels like a fortune cookie! "FROM 200 TO 299 POINTS: Moderate life crisis. 50% chance of illness such as: headache, diabetes, fatigue, hypertension, chest and back pain, ulcers, infectious disease etc."
  • Marriage, this coming December (50 points)
  • My girlfriend's nine-month pregnancy (40 points)
  • Gain of new family member in the form of my son, Pierre Leon, born August 30 (39 points)
  • Change in financial state, of course (38 points)
  • Trouble with in-laws--what do you expect with this entire shebang (29 points)
  • Change in living conditions, especially since we're cramped in my bedroom--for now (25 points)
  • Change in residence: I've lived in five houses in the span of two months, and it's awful to find switches of rooms I barely know (20 points)
  • Change in social activities, duh (18 points)
  • Change in sleeping habits--this is very drastic, and the worst part since I've been sleeping for three, four hours a day (16 points)
Life sucks when you stare at the list and think of other people's checklist. My girlfriend's parents got separated last March (though it's quite unclear if her position as a daughter would entitle her to 73 points); her semester has just ended (26 points), and she's about to start to work (26 points)--that's aside from the one I've listed above: incoming marriage, pregnancy, Perry's birth, in-law troubles, change in living conditions, residence, social activities, sleeping habits and financial state as well. This makes her fortune cookie pop-up say that she's OVER 300 POINTS, the score which most probably ensures that she's living in the crisis of her life and is highly predictive (80%) of serious physical illness within the next 2 years.

I know, I've always been painfully honest with tests in more ways than what I (don't) write in my blog. Spare me the questions and let's move on, and if you personally know me, let this be our secret. Otherwise it would be ten times more stressful to tell you what really happened this wondrous year.

P.S. This was a draft I made two weeks ago in the office. I figured it's time to disclose things like these in a personal (but public) blog. How this draft panned out was probably debilitating, as if I've offered an image of a downward spiral for a blog post.

Clearly, I must have missed my shot on optimism. Though it wears me down to offer a timeline of some sorts on how things happened, but personally, I'm contented with my little family. My girlfriend and I make it to a point to date somewhere at least twice a month. We've cooked a dozen things for the past three months, from soy-free vegan bitter black brownie truffles to roasted honey-mustard chicken with spinach salad on the side. We ate in this cheap Indian restaurant at U.N. Avenue, and in this vegetarian restaurant somewhere in Maginhawa, among others. It clearly isn't the parenthood we've thought which majors in bottle-shaking and diaper-changing, and I'm way too happy. She's reading Francois Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse while I'm two months delayed on the Martin Amis' Night Train review which should have been finished two weeks after this review (posted three days before my girlfriend labors in the hospital).

P.P.S. I didn't publish it back then. I was waiting for the right timing. Now I'm four months delayed with that Amis review.