Some progress

Lifted from The New Yorker: Nicolai Howalt & Trine Sondergaard, Nicolai is holding Sigrid (2000).

Perry fell from the bed and my wife and I were very guilty about it. We thought he'd die at 2AM without any tricycle to bring us to the nearby hospital, which is fifteen minutes away. I was very calm about it, while my wife is in between the states of panic, dread and the I-just-woke-up stupor. If our son's pupils are dilated, she said, he's in the state of shock. That came straight from Google, when I found her typing things on her laptop, hitting the ENTER key with finality.

Then, several other hits on the ENTER key punctuated the early morning.

Our son is sound asleep seconds after the incident, as if nothing has happened. I started hating Google when it generated several thousand hits on what to do when your child fell from the bed. My wife didn't know what to do. I've always relied on optimism. I gave in to my wife's urging to examine our son's pupils so I woke him up.

It's not dilated, I told her.