(Three images from Family of Man, by Hariton Pushwagner. Images from here and here.)

  1. Slower internet in the office means no work done, and that means high time for some Spider Solitaire.
  2. I first encountered the word regimen at a computer shop, reading one of my first e-mails from my thesis advisor, during those days when I still have no idea about anything to write in particular. The first idea which struck me is the word regime, which is almost always associated with the collective memory of the Marcoses. Regime is totalitarian, is about a thousand soldiers moving at the same pace, is most often than not associated with North Korea.
  3. Perec is okay. A Clockwork Orange is nice. There's so much to say about these two books. Hopefully I could up my chances of reading more books before the year ends. 
  4. I am in dire need of a spare room to work on a short story. There's this deadline this coming March and I just couldn't get my weekends to myself. Maybe I should put the typewriter to work. I'm thinking about Sunday.
  5. A regimen is all about ablutions in the morning. It's about Oraherb, which is my favorite mouthwash in the world. It's a local brand and it tastes so horrible, I couldn't even get hungry for the rest of my eight-hour shift. Just like that, it gets rid of this desire to eat.
  6. In prosaic terms, a regimen is all about work or chores, or anything dull, essential, and essentially dull.