1. I've just changed my blog's layout. The header is Roy Lichtenstein's Temple of Apollo.
  2. It so happened that one of my favorite books of all time, F. Barthelme's Law of Averages, has the markings of a remaindered book. I don't know how should I feel about this. 
  3. Very spare stories from Thomas Bernhard's The Voice Imitator. From these five excerpts, I especially like Warning. Most readers would surely pose that question: why is the businessman disappointed about the pyramids of Giza, "especially against the pyramids of Cheops"? Yet the paragraph spares us from an explanation. Such lack makes this fragment charming. Add to that the irony (or "the nature of things") of publicizing his hatred towards the end of the story. From the excerpts I can see the satire and the critiques Bernhard imposes on such short and sparing fragments. The stories border on "vintage Barthelmismo" (coined by Pynchon on his essay) as Bernhard retains the satire sans the paraphernalia.