Reader #5

A man is reading The Art of Hanging Loose in an Uptight World: Featuring Psychological Exercises for Personal Growth. He's wearing slippers with tribal design, about my age, looked like my brother-in-law, black bag, gray shorts. His black shirt has this white collar. I'm ten times positive he's a student. He wasn't grim despite popular notion--you should see him. He was kind of disturbed when I was trying to see what book he's reading, in a way that I feel that certain discomfort when someone across my seat in the train is looking at every inch of my clothing. He wears a bracelet and is sniffing quite often due to the inclement rain-and-shine January weather. He has a small bump at the very tip of his nose. He boarded at North Ave and readily opened his book by removing this red bookmark he had to the last page--this was before the train reaches Quezon Ave. The book was old, made to fit the pocket. Yellowing pages. A child suddenly shrieked inside the train.