Hughes and Gray

Listening to Iron Man by the Cardigans > Remembered that my wife told me that the song was a cover of a Black Sabbath Song > Googled the song > Read a comment on Youtube that it was the Iron Man from a Ted Hughes story > Wondered if Ted Hughes was the same man, the husband of Sylvia Plath > Wikipedia confirmed it, together with the synopsis of the novel and this portrait by Reginald Gray > Googled Reginald Gray and his works > Found most of it aren't that striking as the  Ted Hughes portrait above. 

The portrait is very calm, his face a play of light and shadow. I can imagine how cold the English countryside was when the portrait was painted (assuming that Gray was painting this en plain air). Juxtapose this portrait with the accusations that he was one of the reasons (if not the reason) behind Plath's suicide.