Not a blog

So, George R.R. Martin blogs at Livejournal

Way back in college, my girlfriend was very interested in Game of Thrones. When it reached the height of its popularity--and when most of our friends started watching it (the very people who thought it was downright weird to watch some kind of series)--my girlfriend grew visibly incensed with all the buzz about the series that she ended up hating the series

I was never interested in the said series. While updating my Livejournal, I stumbled upon the blog since it belongs to this list of Top 100 Livejournal blogs, and probably because of its unusual address--what the hell does GRRM mean? I clicked it without thinking it would mean George R.R. Martin. 

Maybe it's just me, but it's funny to imagine an eighty-something Gandalf-looking author writing in his "weblog" writing posts like "Swords for Sale" ("The intrepid armorers and brawny armorers of Valyrian steel have been busy as of late") and a digression about his house and "construction woes" (italics mine):

Most recently the plumber has been in, ripping down walls and installing my new plumbing. It turns out that none of my old plumbing was actually up to code. The developer who built my house in 1979 cut a few corners, it would seem. The scamp.

Under his "life and death" category are two posts: "RIP Roger Ebert" and "Shocked and Saddened" (about James Gandolfini and The Sopranos). But mostly he talks about his life as an author. I wish he would write something else, like his dinner. 

Which is most certainly why he named his blog as, well, Not A Blog. In his first post dating way back July 2, 2005, he wrote: "I will, in short, post whatever the hell I want to here." And it's not about pizzas, or politics.