Five pictures

While having a quick chat, D sent me some pictures from her old cellphone. It's too much to ask, really, since she's sending these large JPEGs through bluetooth, but at some point she also wanted to do it for the sake of nostalgia and the vastly commemorative weekly event that is Throwback Thursday.

In the span of five pictures the night unfolds. I am wearing a blue-green shirt from years ago, sitting besides D and her haircut from college. D and I were very high on weed. Our eyes were puffed and bloodshot. We were eating outside this bar near the campus, in this tapsilugan which, I've discovered some couple of months ago, has already closed for good. During those years it runs from 6PM to 3AM and is a haven for drunkards and potheads. The staff are very tolerant about it. Though there's always too much butter on rice and too much oil used in frying the meat, at least they don't scrimp on serving Del Monte tomato ketchup bottles for meals.

Why do you have these pictures? I asked D online. She said she wanted to document her first high.

The pictures are very animated: there is an uncontrollable fit of laughter. We looked stupid all the time. In one of the pictures, R appears. I realized that all the while R was taking these pictures. These are meant to make us look stupid, make us look like we think everything's funny and simple.

The nostalgia is overwhelming. I can almost hear the distant bar music, the garbled conversations, the quick swats on mosquitoes biting our legs.

In one of the pictures, I was pinpointing at the tapsilog I was eating. I have a vague memory of what's funny about the food, but it probably morphed into something that drove me nuts.

In another picture we were eating ravenously, the food bursting from our mouths.

When viewing pictures like these I think I've enjoyed my life.