July and alcohol

  1. I figured that the nearest bar is about ten minutes away from the office and the train station, so I reasoned to myself that it wouldn't really hurt to have a single shot of coke and rum. I try to engage myself in this conversation: so the best option I have, since I'm drinking alone, is to lounge outside the bar and just stand there, drink my shot, smoke some cigarettes, leave my payment under the glass, and leave. 
  2. Then I thought better, as I didn't want to go inside and end up brushing elbows with strangers who would probably whisper to each other and surmise the purpose of my drinking alone on a Friday night, while raining hard. It's a breeding ground for losers, they would say. Since it was raining hard, it would leave me no option but to stay inside, so I decided not to.
  3. M asked me to call him in the peak hours of my work. I said I didn't have much load, so he should probably make the call. He did, after some two minutes, and he unloaded his burden: his girlfriend broke up with him for shady reasons (shady because it involves the girlfriend's mom, which doesn't approve of him). 
  4. I asked him if he could talk privately. "I'm in the quiet room," he said, and when asked about the training: "I just can't concentrate well." 
  5. Since he's currently a trainee he can't risk to leave the office and drink with his desperate friend. Yes, I insinuated the drinking, thinking that this time, I could just do a half-day at work and have the reason to drink, but he didn't buy it.
  6. At Jollibee we met the next morning and bought him breakfast. He wasn't that hungry, and during the conversation I tried my best to look away from him, perhaps thinking that he is teary-eyed. I'm dull during mornings; that's just too much emotion to handle over breakfast.
  7. His salary was delayed; I ordered him the one-piece chicken joy gratis. I was surprised that at the end of our conversation, he didn't finish the meal; and then we talked about their sex life. 
  8. Regarding sex life, I was very serious about it: have you had sex with her? He chuckled as it was his first time, and he said yes, twice, and then there was an extensive discussion on what those bases mean, and later on I thought, is that an import from baseball? Is sex a sport? Now it occurred to me to read James Salter's "A Sport and A Pastime".
  9. I admit that lately I've been meaning to use any spare time to drink with someone. I don't drink alone. Lately I've been bugging some friends and ask them every now and then if they're good on a specific date, but usually I text them on short notice. Of course they decline.
  10. Some three weeks ago I went to a christening event of this particular friend's son, and of course there was beer and videoke. I just drank one and really missed the flavor. We whiled away the hours talking about college, and the friends of their friends. This meant I've been missing a lot of things, but there's plenty of time.