Office tunes

Yo La Tengo - Cherry Chapstick is like a winding road to our ancestral house in Sta. Maria. It's just fields and hills and a really little chapel for Christmas mass. I've been there some couple of months ago and it's already a palimpsest of what I can still remember (the empty lots are still there, and mango trees, and the same rocky road) and what seems new to me (more houses, tracts of land now reserved for real estate development). The song is all about winding roads. I had this far-off memory about driving this really little car with my mother in San Jose del Monte. I was behind the steering wheel, driving it downhill. It was most probably a test drive.

Mona Ki Ngi Xica by Bonga - It feels like Cuba with all the outdated but magnificent architecture.

Here is Gone by Goo Goo Dolls - Some things coming back to me: the green fields surrounding my catholic High School; that morning view from the windows of my school ride--a Tamaraw FX, plate number UFD 635.

Sonar in my Soul by Richard Youngs - My Dad purchased this CD back in the 90's (or 80's) in San Francisco which he rightfully calls as "musical farts". It's just ten tracks of instrumentals and it was… psychedelic. Just like this track. But I liked the CD (couldn't remember the artist) as it doesn't sound like musical farts to me. At least years ago.

This is a True Heart by Julia Holter - I melt in this song. The intro's just magical. It feels like watching something magnificent and slow, like opera, or a play. I like the vocals--you can feel her lips and tongue enunciating the lyrics, but just the right amount of force. I like that it's a bit jazzy. It's the kind of song you should play while drinking martinis in a very posh bar, eating financier cakes; or lounging in a museum cafe, waiting for a date from Craigslist.

Will Calls (Marfa Demo) by Grizzly Bear - I like the varying intensities in this song. Too soft at first, then it becomes too loud. I've never heard any likable Grizzly Bear tracks until I found this.

Another Love (Zwette Edit) by Tom Odell - Light music for the rainy days. Everything feels still while playing this song. I was thinking this morning about how I consciously try to stay away from really mushy songs. For one, the typical love song uses lyrics to exude the right mush it wants--and I'm just not a lyrics person. I seem to have this bad ear for lyrics in English (in Tagalog, which is my first language anyway, I have a good ear), which is the very reason why I like instrumental stuff so much (or distorted lyrics a la Crystal Castles where the lyrics doesn't matter--where the lyrics are often warped and transformed into just another special effect, just like every synth there is.

Island Song by U.S. Girls - The droning sounds of this song is amazing. It feels like a marching band is coming somewhere with a Mediterranean setting (plus the quite gibberish vocal style; very Balearic) like Malta or Greece.

Dontcha by The Internet - I suddenly remember this video for Permission to Love, only spiced up by the vocals. The guitar reminds me of Lee Ritenour's instrumental/jazz rendition of Bob Marley's Jammin'. All smooth and groovy.

I Don't Know What I Can Save You From - Kings of Convenience (Royksopp Remix) - One of the simplest remixes I've heard in years. There's still this acoustic element somewhere in this song. The original reminds me of my early days in one of the best apartments I've lived in, way back in college: where breakfasts are shared with my girlfriend, and using a single toaster I make sandwiches out of gourmet bread and sausage from one of those delis near the campus.

Kura by Gogo (Lulu Rouge Remix) - It feels like walking in this posh store in SoHo after having some coffee at Dean & DeLuca.

Hold on to Me by Placebo - Didn't think they could grow their music this way: neater than their previous songs.

Truant by Burial - It warps you to a game of Silent Hill, where there are weird-looking creatures behind you. I used to play the game with my former roommates and it would creep the hell out of us.