1. It always feels like it's raining in New Order's Ceremony. It's biting-cold-in-the-bus music, the kind which--at that instant of lifting the curtains--turns bus windows into haze, droplets and zero visibility.
  2. Monomono's Kenimania is Radioactive Sago Project on a Nigerian street market setting. 
  3. She's Spanish, I'm American's Long Summer Days has the right mush. It feels like Miami Beach with the trees and, you know, the canned tropical scene--sweltering hot with alfresco restaurants and cafes and people rollerskating.
  4. I imagine drinking to Neil Young's On The Beach with my Dad, a lover of jazz. 
  5. Though I suspect he would feel averse with listening to Hugh Masekela's Stimela, another jazz with a dash of spoken word and African roots. It talks about the mass migration of Central and Southern African men (Mozambique, Namibia, etc.) to Johannesburg to mine for gold, only to find themselves working for sixteen hours straight in harsh conditions and a wage which would make them regret about their choice. The spoken word part is brief but altogether poetic, chimed in with breathtaking instrumentals, all nine minutes of intense emotions.
  6. I only have two music-related entries in this blog, and it's embarrassing.