Aside from work and weekends, nothing else. I'm still reading Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. I've had enough of good food last Friday; thanks to the Glorietta event I attended for work, I had a platter from Outback for lunch and a really good burger from Apartment 1B for dinner. Plus the tub of San Mig Lights which is the usual at the office every Friday, and which I found, for the first time, refreshing (which surprised me: maybe I was drinking it too cold to mask its flavor; or maybe I'd been drinking it with too much ice; or, I hypothesized, maybe it's the beer-in-the-can aluminum container, minus the froth typical of the bottlenecked kind). My wife bought this coffee siphon in those Japanese surplus shops sprouting here and there, only for 600 pesos (its original price is 3,700 pesos, according to the price tag), and the Batangas coffee she brewed tastes amazing. She also baked two trays of spiced Dutch cookies, Speculaas, the predecessor of the craze that is the Speculoos cookie butter from Trader Joe's. Mighty good, especially the chocolate ganache she laced with cardamom and cinnamon. Then the burrito pictured above, heaven-sent from one of the canteens near the office. Some other pictures: my son and my wife on the backseat; a seller of nuts from a bus stop in Muntinlupa; the rest are shots taken by my Lumia 710 in Makati.