"Cubao Station, Cubao"

We were packed like sardines in the train--or as the man who would be the laughingstock in the train inaccurately puts it before the incident happened: we'd be canned like corned beef. Funny thing that this man, and like every other commuter who didn't have any choice but to grasp anything--anything to keep his balance inside the train, to ward off the bane of inertia--he happened to grasp this plastic casing that houses the fluorescent lights. It almost fell on his head, so he had to support it with his right hand for fifteen minutes.

Good thing another man decided to help him and found the screw which turned loose from the plastic casing and fell somewhere. The entire process of screwing it back took them about two minutes, and all of us--old couples, smartphone-clutching women, corporate slaves scratching heads--gawked at the scene, marveling at how our trains, and public transportation in general, have arrived in such embarrassing conditions.