Dinner, waiting

Some two days ago I was very tempted to link this blog on my Facebook account, since my wife was able to link hers. Later on, I changed my mind. I know my tendencies in blogging, and I just don't want things to happen again. That's probably one of my problems: I really overshare. I tend to go out of my way just to write about things that are just too personal. So I didn't. I balked at the idea.

Today, in bullets:
  1. Missed the last bus to Laguna, which means taking the longer route to Calamba instead of SLEX. One hour lost in looking at baranggay names, at sari-sari stores, at people crossing the National Highway at midnight.
  2. Was really pissed off for missing the last bus.
  3. I always forget that I'm not twenty-three years old.
  4. Come to think of it: if I were in New York today, I'd sell myself by doing the no-pants subway ride as well. No one would ever recognize me anyway! But just to be sure, I'd take the trains to The Bronx, to Morningside Park, or to Coney Island.
  5. Since last week I've made three Powerpoint presentations with some twenty- to forty-something slides. This isn't what I've been expecting to do, but when life gives you Excel spreadsheets, might as well make a damn report about it.