Tuesday morning, running late, traffic in a standstill, sweltering hot in the jeepney. Outside, a foreigner is figuring out how he could take a photo of the Ninoy Monument in Ayala Triangle. He noticed how a man from our jeep alighted in the middle of traffic and suddenly leapt his way past the fences, like a parkour artist. So the foreigner, wearing a comfortable shirt, knee-length shorts, comfortable shoes and a tattooed calf, did the same. He leapt rather awkwardly past the fences, walking hesitantly, looking around for the police--unsure if what he did was considered a crime. With his point-and-shoot in his hands he paused for a moment to read the plaque. The pause was polite, as if he were to bow before the monument out of reverence. Later on, as the jeepney sped past Paseo de Roxas, one could only surmise that he was successful in taking the photo and skittered away.