Twitter almost-haikus

Hashtags at the bus:
one-hour film, weekend swim--fold
bus ticket, Instagrammed.

Reading's a promise:
don't sleep, pull an all-nighter
drown--don't you wake up.

Some sense or semblance
of order, escalators--
a woman half-smiling.

What does it mean, this
"decline of culture?" should we
be sorry? Pack our bags?

Your palms outstretched, feel.
The sky is sick of meaning.
Look at the leaking roof.

How "pax" is "persons"
shortened, stuck to resto walls
promos, ladies' nights.

"Drabber than ever"
desktops, skies, weekdays, doorknobs
then compose new tweet.

"A lack of color"
I'm unusually happy
for no known reason.

Chinese film on air
ridiculously spot-on
Eng subs tonight.

Today, realized
Marina Abramovic
looks like Fanny S.