My son's vocabulary a couple of months ago (I wrote this in March), in no particular order: airplanes, moon, stars, yogurt, shoes, hot, upstairs, TV, sleep, take a bath, chicken, Walking Dead, flying kiss, goodbye, water, juice, SM, bread, car, outside, eat, no, good boy, behave, sit down, give, get, love, chair, come, high five, one, cold, exercise.

Perry's habits include upturning stools, may it be wood or monobloc. He fashions them as if it were art.

He really likes yogurt, pasta dishes (lasagna, pesto), white rice, fruit juices, bread and some cookies.

He smiles a lot, and loves to look for and stare at the moon, stars and airplanes passing by.

His association with the word chicken (the live animal who frequents our apartment's front yard) disturbs him when it was on the plate, coated, fried and seasoned. My wife simply tells him it's food. He likes stuffing his mouth with food. Never did he choked from it.

He also likes reading children's books. His collection includes: a simplified rendition of Noah and the Ark story, with Dada as the bearded man; a book on colors, and how sounds amused him (oink, meow, quack).

He likes rock music, especially likes The Killers and several songs from my wife's playlist, most of them he was probably listening to in the womb.

He prefers disassembling than assembling things. He's not fond of entertaining people. The two syllables he can say is Ba and Ta, sometimes Da.