In Case I Die

  • A while ago I thought of writing a note entitled In Case I Die, and it will list down all the blogs I've written, blogs I've never been proud of, just to be transparent. Then I didn't, since one might find it stuck in between the shelves of the office desk before I even die.
  • After a couple of years I've finally decided to go back to watching films. Technically, I've watched films last year, but (pardon me for being too specific) they were most probably out of boredom, those times where I've watched some entertaining fluff aired on a provincial bus, or shown on CinemaOne, and not out of that urge to (willingly) watch a film and treat it as text. Sure, I've seen some good ones (Insiang, Contagion, and this Mylene Dizon-Tessie Tomas film I was too sleepy to finish), but the intent matters. Just this weekend I watched Lino Brocka's Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag, alternating it with Arthur, featuring Russell Brand, on the same day, and the next day was the two-hour long L'Humanite directed by Bruno Dumont, a film which was just recently downloaded (i.e. some thirteen months ago) through BitTorrent--which reminds me: why did I even download it? But it was worth the wait anyway, watching all three films during the weekend. Enlightening. Finally, my interest in films sprang to life.
  • The anecdote above on films goes that I can't altogether process books and films. Now I'm reading nothing but back issues of the New Yorker, where I'm currently in December 2013, in between the Digital Revolution and the Cartoons of the Year collections. No novels. No short story collections. I'm hoping for a kind of renaissance in my writing, hoping that it's slowly gaining momentum.
  • I've been dying to write about the experience of traveling with my two-year old son Perry a month ago, but the experience is too overwhelming to write in great detail the day after it happened, and I guess I need to distance myself from something life-changing in order to write about it (contrary to, I think, Didion writing The Year of Magical Thinking shortly after her husband died). Unfortunately, now is not the right moment to write about it--I'm sleeping over in the office until 4AM, heading back to Laguna to take a bath, change clothes, and kiss my son good morning.