Ang Kulisap

Dumating ako't nadatnan ang tunog ng kulisap sa loob ng bahay. Natunton ko ang tunog sa banyo. Nawala ang tunog nu'ng umihi ako. Nabibingi ba ang mga kulisap? Bumalik ako sa sala. Humikbi. Kumuha ng garapon at nagbabalak galugarin ang maliit na banyo, at nagbabalak na mag-alaga ng kulisap. Pahihimbingin nito ang tulog ko, nasabi ko. Sa umaga, bubutasan ko ang garapon para sa hangin, at marahang bubuksan ang takip para sa pagkaing dahon. Matapos kong magkape, naisip kong kuhanan ito ng litrato at i-post sa Katabi ng mga alahas, kotse, motor at mga asong nagpapa-Stud Service ang garapon ng mumunting kulisap at ang pangakong makakapagpatulog ito ng mga pagod na call center agent at iba pang trabahong night shift ang pasok. Noong kinagabihan, habang inaaliw ang kulisap ng mga stick figure drawings, may nag-text: When po pwede mag-ocular?

Photos by Perry

"There was no childhood, just anticipation." - 
from Eternal Enemies by Adam Zagajewski


Erró - Diane et Apollo


Sometimes you just really want to end up becoming something else, like the feeling of reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle alone in a room for three; or become one of those dogs available for STUD SERVICE; or work for a really hideous company selling travel packages online, the captions devoid of human emotion, of excitement at what lies ahead; or feel in a click of a remote that smug feeling of someone who have just met an important person; or lead a life that forbids dreaming about that big corporate boss up there, prodding you to work; or the feeling of having found a wonderful Japanese proverb: sumeba miyako; or the feeling of wind whipping on your face at 4:30 AM on a provincial bus speeding its way past drowsy cars at SLEX, earphones plugged, the lyrics: "These are The Ends"; or expect the visit from a person you've been waiting for seven years, and the proud feeling of having cried long and hard that the only thing you think of is a good summer day; or smelling the beef steak my mother cooked the weekend before she left for New York, which lasted until Wednesday, on a tin casserole; or morph and become that Facebook friend who's just dense enough to post about Ebola and how overrated it is; or the lucky man who stared at a Magritte painting long enough.


"It is always with the best intentions that the worst work is done." - Oscar Wilde

Also quoted from "A Very Rare Book," a New Yorker article about an antiquarian book forger, Massimo de Caro. Easily one of the most complicated characters I've ever encountered.