Humans of New Year

Not a fan of making New Year's resolutions, though at the back of my mind I have one: write more. Partly because this post hit very close to home. True: in college, I was looking forward to graduate and write more; now, with a family and a job in tow, I couldn't write anything substantial. I'm not blaming my having a family--if it weren't for them I wouldn't have gone looking for a rewarding job in advertising. This is a matter of focus, of keeping tabs on my priorities, which I've failed to do ever since I graduated in 2012. Maybe that's why I've been wanting to study again, though not in the field of creative writing. (I've long since given up my dream of becoming a professional writer, for the fear that I might run out of words.) Maybe this is nothing but a phase akin to that of Rimbaud? Better to stop the pity party and write less as long as the writing gets better and wiser.