Reader #18-20

09/17/2014 Man in his late forties scribbling notes on his notebook and his book. A Quick and Easy Guide to Food and Wine by Gene Gonzales, thumbing his way from "dill" to "mache" interspersed with more scribbling. He was lanky and sullen, his face a bit hollow, with the look of an ancient Chinese vendor, or, as I later surmised upon hearing his destination, a college professor in crop science.

09/30/2014 The text she previously sent on her cellphpne was Ikaw Po Mr Panfilo Loncanco, Kamusta ka na? to which the guy responded, Eto. Pogi pa rin. She was in her fifties, with short boyish red (cellophaned) hair parted at the right, gold ball earrings, thin gold necklace, a ring on her right middle finger, set with diamonds, in the form of a... poinsettia. Uniformed, clutching a fake magenta Tory Burch bag, a matching shawl thick with embroidered patterns, and a magenta pair of eyeglass, she was reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman at page 42, just a page before Chapter 2 of the paperback edition before she stopped reading, lay down her head and gave in to the trip's dizzying motion.

06/09/2014 Llewelyn character. Thick novel. Cellphones on, watching Game of Thrones, playing metal, texting, or Subway Surfer. Cubao has passed. Vans brown checkered shoes, blue Jansport bag, blond wooden beads worn on the neck, long wavy hair of a man reading intently. I wasnt able to recognize him or his book right away.